TOMTOM START 42: It is  4.3 Inch gps device with Lifetime maps that download free map updates with the latest road changes, for the life of your device. Get up to date speed camera alerts for 3 months.  Advanced lane guidance that doesn't get stuck in the wrong lane. Free software updates will connect to your computer regularly for free software updates and drive with our latest and greatest navigation features.

MyDrive Connect is a desktop-based application that helps you manage the content and services of your TomTom START. For example, you can use MyDrive Connect to get map updates, software updates or manage your TomTom account. You can also manage you're the devices associated with your account using MyDrive Connect. Note: You can associate up to ten TomTom devices with one TomTom account. It is a good idea to frequently connect your START to MyDrive Connect to ensure you always have the latest updates.

TomTom account 
To download content and to use TomTom services, you need a TomTom account. You can create an account using your computer in one of the following ways: 
  • By selecting the Create account button at tomtom
  • By selecting the green MyTomTom button at tomtom
  • By going to tomtom get started.
Setting up MyDrive Connect 
To get ready to use MyDrive Connect for the first time, do the following: On your computer, open a web browser and go to tomtom. 
1. Click Get Started. 
2. Click Download MyDrive Connect. 
3. Follow the instructions on the screen. 
4. When prompted, connect your START to your computer using the USB cable supplied, then switch your START on.
5. Enter the requested information for account creation, including your country. When set-up is complete, a TomTom account is created and your START is linked to that account. You can now access MyDrive Connect from the notification area on your desktop. 
MyDrive Connect starts automatically after the account is created. When you connect your START to your computer, MyDrive Connect tells you if there are any updates for your START.

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