DRIVELUXE 50 LMTHD: It is a gps navigator system, with the features of driver alerts that Receive alerts for upcoming sharp curves, speed changes, school zones, a fatigue warning, nearby red light and speed cameras and more. Dedicated GPS navigators display current street, current speed, speed limit and arrival time. Guides like a friend, using recognizable landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights. Its Customizable smart notifications let you display calls, texts, and other app alerts on your navigation screen (select models). Bluetooth calling and voice-activated navigation allow your hands to remain safely on the wheel as you navigate and make or receive calls.


DOWNLOAD GARMIN EXPRESS: On your computer, install Garmin Express. This provides easy access to these services for Garmin devices:
  1. Software updates 
  2. Map updates 
  3. Product registration
You can use the Garmin Express application to download and install the latest map and software updates for your device. If you do not have the Garmin Express application installed on your computer, go to garmin.com/express and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Now Open the Garmin Express application.

INSTALLING GARMIN EXPRESS: The Garmin Express application is available for Windows and Mac computers. On your computer, go to garmin.com/express. Select an option. To view the system requirements and verify the Garmin Express application is compatible with your computer, select System Requirements. To install on a Windows computer, select Download for Windows. To install on a Mac computer, select Download for Mac. Open the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. 

CONNECT DEVICE WITH COMPUTER: Connect your device to your computer using a micro USB cable. The small end of the cable connects to the micro-USB port on your Garmin DriveLuxe device, and the large end connects to an available USB port on your computer. 

ADD DEVICE: In the Garmin Express application, click Add a Device. The Garmin Express application searches for your device and displays the device name and serial number. Click Add Device, and follow the on-screen instructions to add your device to the Garmin Express application.

STEP 5: 
INSTALL THE UPDATES: When setup is complete, the Garmin Express application displays the updates available for your device.
Select an option: 
To install all available updates, click Install All.
To install a specific update, click View Details, and click Install next to the update you want.

The Garmin Express application downloads and installs the updates onto your device. Map updates are very large, and this process may take a long time on slower internet connections

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