TOMTOM VIA 1535TM: TomTom VIA 1535tm is included in the type of TomTom GPS. It is 5 inch Bluetooth navigator with the lifetime traffic and maps. It also has the feature of voice recognization. It has a split screen junction view. If we update it timely, it can give better maps results. Here are some steps are given below for updating the TomTom via 1535 tm for the lifetime.


ATTACH TOMTOM VIA 1535 TM TO YOUR COMPUTER: Before startup, you have to connect tomtom GPS into your computer. Use a USB cable to attaching your computer into your TomTom device. Now wait while the GPS ask you,'' Do you want to connect with the computer". Click on 'YES'. Sign in your TomTom account.

INSTALL THE SOFTWARE: If you didn't install the software before in your computer system of Tom tom, firstly install it. Install the software according to your TomTom VIA 1535tm model. This software will work for updating your TomTom GPS.

ACCESS THE FREE MAP UPDATE: Now you can see the free map updates available on your GPS. If you can't see the availability of maps update, you can also purchase it from their TomTom customer care. You can get the help for updating your TomTom VIA 1535tm GPS device.

DISCONNECT FROM COMPUTER: When map's update is completed, you will get a confirmation message on your computer screen. Your TomTom VIA 1535tm is successfully updated. Now disconnect Your GPS device from your computer system and restart it then use it.

Now your TomTom VIA 1535tm GPS device is updated and you can see the new updated maps while you drive. Follow all these given easy steps for the good maps in your Tomtom GPS device. This update is included with new roads, speed limit, and new traffic regulations.

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