MAGELLAN TR7: Magellan TR7 is street GPS navigator with the 7-inch touchscreen display. It is dust, shock and water resistance. Magellan TR7 is good for sports truck and enclosed vehicles. It is also connected with USB, Bluetooth, and wifi. Magellan TR7 provides you with many sensors. So it is a very helpful GPS while you are driving.
Magellan TR7 also requires software and map update. To update Magellan TR7 follow some these easy steps for the betterment of your maps while you're driving.


CREATE TRX ACCOUNT: First off all you have to create your TRX account. Making account is helpful for saving your all data in your device. In the sign in screen, enter your existing email address and password. If you have no account, create your new TRX account. Enter all the account details. Complete all the procedure of making your new account. 

UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE: If an update is available on your GPS, download it. Go on update screen, tap on software update and then download. Install the software after you download it. When you see a notification asking you if you want to install an update to the existing application, Tap Install. Make sure that the NEW tab is selected, NOT the ALL tab. This option may erase any existing TRX user data.

UPDATE YOUR MAP: Now go on the update screen and update your require maps. Tap Update. Wait for the update to download. The map update is installed to your device automatically once all the files have been downloaded.

RESTART TRX APP: Tap on the restart and restart the TRX app and your map will be updated. The map package can be large (5oomb-1gb). it may take some time for downloading. All depend on the speed of the wifi or the internet. File and Size information will update on your screen as the map files are downloaded.
These are some easy steps for updating your Magellan TR7. Follow these all instructions for update Magellan TR7. This procedure is very helpful for the map and software update.

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