GARMIN NUVI 56: Garmin Nuvi 56 is 5 inch GPS navigator. It provides you with the facilities of Emergency Help, Garmin Garage, Point Of Interest (POI), TMC (Traffic Message Channel) ready, built-in speaker, custom POIs, junction view, nüRoute Technology with myTrends, and speed limit warning. It gives 2hors run time.


1st Step:
USE GARMIN EXPRESS SOFTWARE: 1st step is for update your Garmin nuvi55 GPS is going to Garmin express software. Through this software, you can easily update your GPS maps and software. If you have windows operating system, download it for windows. And if you have a mac, download it for mac.

2nd Step:
CONNECT WITH COMPUTER: Before starting the update, you have to Garmin connect your device to your computer. For this purpose remove your device from the car or another vehicle. Using a mini USB cable, connect Garmin GPS to your computer and wait while progress for scrolls. And download Garmin express software.

3rd Step:
OPEN DOWNLOADED FILE: Once you download file for the type of your operating system, open this file. Follow all instructions given on the screen for installing this particular file in your computer system. Now start the Garmin express.

4th Step:
ACCESS FOR UPDATE: It is the 3rd step and its time to install your Garmin update. If Garmin express not open automatically in your computer, check your internet connection.
Click "Add a device" or locate your Garmin GPS. Then the app will search for any available Garmin update. It offers you a list tick to select all and keep in your computer.

5th Step:
DISCONNECT DEVICE FROM COMPUTER: After all of these steps all completed your device is updated. For this purpose select Eject of disconnection. Now disconnect your Garmin GPS device from the USB cable and set it in your vehicle.
Therefore, these are some of the working tips that you can follow while doing the update. Follow these all steps for updating your Garmin Nuvi 56.

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