TOMTOM MAPS UPDATE: TomTom is a software which is helping its users to show maps while they are driving. If you have the facility of TomTom then you can go on to your favorite destination through a particular path or route. TomTom gives you many facilities on road but some users cant easily update their TomTom device when their update is required. So we are giving you these easy steps for updating your TomTom device. 


Updating TomTom software or device is very easy. If you follow these some steps carefully then you can easily update your TomTom device. Follow these steps for updating TomTom device:

STEP 1: 
INSTALL TOMTOM HOME: 1st of all install TomTom Home in your computer if you didn't install TomTom Home in your computer. You can Install TomTom home for your window system and as well as for mac.
STEP 2: 
CONNECT TOMTOM DEVICE INTO YOUR SYSTEM: The 2nd step for updating TomTom is connecting your tomtom device into your computer system or pc. Connect your device with USB cable. Now your procedure for updating TomTom is started.

CHECKING FOR UPDATE: After you install the TomTom Home and connect TomTom device into your computer system, the next step is checking for the update in your TomTom device. Check the new and latest updates for your TomTom software and if you find the update your software.

GO ON TOMTOM HOME: The 4th step is after connect your TomTom device into your computer system, then go on the TomTom Home. TomTom Home is helping you for get the newer updates of your TomTom device or software. If an update is available it is listed on the next screen. Click on the checking for updates in the HOME menu by the clicking on update my device.

STEP 5: 
DOWNLOAD NEW UPDATES: Now if you can see the new updates for your TomTom device, you have to download it.  When a new update is available, click on download option and Download the file. HOME starting download it.

INSTALL THE DOWNLOADED FILE: When HOME downloaded all this file, install the downloaded file in your computer system. This is the last step and after that, your TomTom device will be updated.

DISCONNECT DEVICE FROM YOUR SYSTEM: Now click on DONE because your software successfully updates. After this click on DEVICE. Now you can see the DISCONNECT DEVICE option. Click on it and disconnect the device from your system.

So these are some steps which are very easy to follow and can easily fix your update related issues. When you update your TomTom device, you can get the better results of your maps. Follow these steps for the instant update your TomTom device.

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