GARMIN NUVI 65LM: Garmin Nuvi 65LM is Navigation System, with 15.24cm display size, battery life up to 1 hr, 4 GB and flash internal memory. It contains the features of Free lifetime maps, dual orientation, TPMS compatible, Zamato app, up ahead, house search, eco route, photoreal junction view, trip planner, my trends, advanced highway mode, and travel guide. When it requires any kind of update in maps or in software, follow these particular steps for updating Garmin Nuvi 65lm.

 Connect the Garmin device to your computer: Before starting the update, you have to Garmin connect your device to your computer. For this purpose remove your device from the car or another vehicle. Using a mini USB cable, connect Garmin GPS to your computer and wait while progress for scrolls. If you have connected device before, the next movement of the step should begin automatically. If it is your 1st time, you need to sign up in your Garmin account before starting.

STEP 2: 
Install Garmin Express: In the next step, you will need to install Garmin express in your computer. In this, select either "Download for window" or "Download for Mac".Once the particular file download, click on the install button. As maintain above, Garmin express works with all Garmin GPS including Drive, Nuvi, and Zumo.

Access update/purchase update: It is the 3rd step and its time to install your Garmin update. If Garmin express not open automatically in your computer, check your internet connection.
Click "Add a device" or locate your Garmin GPS. Then the app will search for any available Garmin update. It offers you a list tick to select all and keep in your computer.

STEP 4: 
Disconnect your Garmin GPS device: After all of these steps, all completed your device is updated. For this purpose select Eject of disconnection. Now disconnect your Garmin GPS device from the USB cable and set it in your vehicle. It works if you follow all the step with fully instructions and carefully.
These four steps are major steps for updating Garmin Nuvi 65lm. Do follow these all steps for updating your Garmin Nuvi device.

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