GARMIN NUVI 1490 UPDATE | Garmin Nuvi 1490 Maps


Garmin Nuvi 1490 is one of Garmin GPS model, which is helpful for you to get all maps and you can get all directions of your destinations. But sometimes, users have many problems when they want to update their Garmin Nuvi 1490 model. So there are some steps for updating your Garmin Nuvi 1490.


Many people have a problem that they are unable to update their GPS devices because they are not checking thier some small mistakes. Maybe your way is right for updating your GPS but sometimes, small mistakes feel like big ones, for example, bad internet connection, internet speed etc.
There are some checkings you have to do before updating your GPS:
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Connect USB properly in your computer system.
  • Have some patience while something is download.
  • Connect properly your GPS into your system.


CONNECT GARMIN NUVI 1490 INTO YOUR SYSTEM: Before you start to update your software, connect it with your computer system. When you doing this process, remove the sd card from your device because some problems occur when you want to update Garmin Nuvi 1490.

CHOOSE THE OPTION MASS STORAGE MODE: After this, connect the proper internet connection on your device and then choose the option of mass storage mode.

FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS: When you choose the option mass storage mode, you have to install the launcher.exe file and then follow all instructions given on the screen. Now you get your GPS device model name and click on that model.

NOW YOUR GPS IS STARTING UPDATE: Now the process is started for updating your Garmin Nuvi 1490. Wait until the process is completed and then click on the Exit. After all of that, remove USB from your computer system.

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